lee_yah_tards (lee_yah_tards) wrote,

Last Night I Slept Over Beccas
Monday Night i SlepT oVER Katy's House, god im popular :P
Well today i was too tired to go to swimteam soo i have to go tomrrow morning:/........ w/e casey came over today and she brought her digital camera soo we both had our cameras and took pictures
soo here are some picture

Me Humping The Raindeer

more under el cut-o

Heres the werid faces war

Me Pogoing

Me Pogoing Again

Me Falling Off My Skateboard

Casey took this picture of me , i look soo weird

Caseys Goign To Murder Me Forr Putting This Picture Of Her Up Here

Casey And Me....hahah i look like im gonna kill someone


Casey Pogoing

cASey with Her Camerea
(which is exsactcally like mine u poser ahahah j/k)

what did i say (cough cough poser ocugh cough JUST KIDDING)

Me Humping Our Raindeer in the Front Yard

Caseys Brother Danny and My Brother Scott they were pissed off at me cuz i unpluged the Playstation

casey took that picture of me i look like the hunch back of nota damn or w/e its called lol
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