lee_yah_tards (lee_yah_tards) wrote,

i never really said anything about boston soo here are like things about it:

-In my room I heard the echos of a recent battle, the faded cries begin to settle for the night.but the words they used to hurt them now only seemed to make them stronger somehow

-He wants her, she wants him too
Broken message coming through
Same story for different fools
Give it up
Give it up
Thats what they all say say
Pressure from the boys to give it away
She sees him
He stares right through
Nasty rumors so untrue
There's nothing that she can do

-And you don't even know how to love
And you think you came from up above
And you better know that I'm watching you
Every move
Whatcha do
Where you go
I'm on to you
And you want her
And you need her
And you beg her
But you decieve her<----you better know that I'm watching YOU, IM ON TO YOU

ok im done for now
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