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"Thats An Unequivical Sex Invite"

Swimteam Practice Was Interesting Today..... sence it was dryland practice we were in the gym, but like all the other sports were too so we had the balcony thingy....yea we jumped on trampolines,jumped rope, ran and crap but after that we had skooters and layed on them and had races while pretending to swim.....it was the last one and i was beating chris but he was a sore loser soo decied to cheat and came into my imaginary lane soo when i turned around i hit him and then he pushed me soo i pulled his skooter out from underneath of him but then he ran over my hand(WHICH HURT ALOT) but then his shirt got stuck on the wheell soo i was winning i got to the finish line and he pulled my foot back soo yeah hes suck a little cheater

You never know how you look through other people's


anyway here are pictures cuz im bored to crap

ha i just thought i'd put one of Pat,Brendan,and Micheal
"Thats An Unequivical Sex


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