lee_yah_tards (lee_yah_tards) wrote,

today was interesting....Pj Came over then Mike and Will did....i got hit with basketballs,skooters,pushed into priker bushes, held upside down and dropped on my head, choaked, hit with berrys and pretzles, oh and i forget everything else

and friday i got my haircut for the cotillian, and i dont like it(ill post the pictures from that when i get them)

anywho here are pictures of my day and my new uGLy hair cut

Pj being atacked by the inflatable couch

Pj Standing Up On My Brothers Bike

Pj Playing NigaTurtles on the Playstation

Will Pushing Mike Into Pj


Will Pushing Mike

Mike Fell

Mike Having Trouble

Mike After Being Pushed

Mike Chargeing At Will

Mike Fell Again

Mike Again

Mike And Will

Mike Fell Down on the Stairs

Mike Being Smushed By The Couch And Will

My New Hair Cut Which I Hate

^-----my cotillian dress which i <3

THE END!!!!!!!!
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