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Last Night I Slept Over Beccas
Monday Night i SlepT oVER Katy's House, god im popular :P
Well today i was too tired to go to swimteam soo i have to go tomrrow morning:/........ w/e casey came over today and she brought her digital camera soo we both had our cameras and took pictures
soo here are some picture

Me Humping The Raindeer

more under el cut-o
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OK So yesterday Me,Kristen,Andrew,And Brenden were goning to meet a a movie but being the little farts that andrew and brenden are they told me and kristen the wrong time/theater
After me and kristen got back from seeing the INcredabes(i saw it twice) the boyz came over, after like 5 minutes kristen got sick and threw up and went home :/ soo i was stuck with the little booggers till 11:20pm

we watched mad tv, then VH1, then some unbeliveable gameshow moments which were actually kinda funny lol



Brenden(real name Brandon)
Kristen(real name Kristin)
i spell there names wrong to tick them off

PICTURES BELOW....(at the end are some pictures from christmas morning when i went accross the street to my best friends house cuz i like practically live there)
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i never really said anything about boston soo here are like things about it:

-In my room I heard the echos of a recent battle, the faded cries begin to settle for the night.but the words they used to hurt them now only seemed to make them stronger somehow

-He wants her, she wants him too
Broken message coming through
Same story for different fools
Give it up
Give it up
Thats what they all say say
Pressure from the boys to give it away
She sees him
He stares right through
Nasty rumors so untrue
There's nothing that she can do

-And you don't even know how to love
And you think you came from up above
And you better know that I'm watching you
Every move
Whatcha do
Where you go
I'm on to you
And you want her
And you need her
And you beg her
But you decieve her<----you better know that I'm watching YOU, IM ON TO YOU

ok im done for now

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You Know You're From Delaware When...

You know where, what and when the Hummers Parade is held.

"Vacation" means going to Rehoboth or Cape "Cantaloupe" Henlopen.

You know the best subs come from Capriotti's.

You used to play in the wooder in the crick, and caught fraugs.

Your school classes were canceled because of 3 snowflakes.

The whole state panics and uses all of their road salt for those 3 snowflakes.

You love the beach but hate the tourists.

You know about punkin-chunkin and you have your favorite chunker.

You know someone who went to school with one of the Capano's.

You've eaten scrapple sandwiches.

You can identify all the major types of manure by smell (especially chicken!)

If it takes more than an hour to drive to, you're not going.

You know what a "slippery" dumpling is.

You know who YouDee is.

Somebody in your family has worked for the DuPont Company.

You think the "Apple Scrapple Festival" is perfectly normal, except for all those granola types running in the 5K race.

You think, maybe, just maybe, you might get a White Christmas. Then
it rains.

The highest point in the state is a rise on the golf course.

The state has one hill. You've been sledding on it.

You remember WAMS and WCAU (BARSKY in the morning!).

You know NewERK is in New Jersey, but NewARK is in Delaware.

You know how to carefully pronounce the name Foulk Road.

You talk of Northern Delaware and the entire Eastern Seaboard as "above the canal."

You know if another Delawarean is from southern, middle or northern Delaware as soon as they open their mouth.

You know the name of every street in Delaware, but have no idea what the route number is.

When you want to go out for a nice dinner, you have to switch states.

You can remember when Maryland Bank (MBNA) swallowed up Ogletown and Putt-Putt.

Everywhere you go, you always run into someone you know or went to school with.

You know what Newark Night and First Night are.

You know exactly which roads to avoid due to the CONSTANT road

You love Dollie's salt water taffy and Grotto's Pizza.

You know where all of the late-night 24-hour rest stops and restaurants are.

You can remember when Christiana Hospital was a field with cows.

You remember when Christiana Mall had a Galaxy arcade.

When you go out of state to shop or eat, you are always surprised about the tax

You know the differences in housing in Elsmere, Pike Creek, and Greenville.

all of those are TRUE-----^ haha these are great--->

"Vacation" means going to Rehoboth or Cape "Cantaloupe" Henlopen.

You know the differences in housing in Elsmere, Pike Creek, and Greenville.

You know if another Delawarean is from southern, middle or northern Delaware as soon as they open their mouth.

Somebody in your family has worked for the DuPont Company.

When you go out of state to shop or eat, you are always surprised about the tax

You think, maybe, just maybe, you might get a White Christmas. Then
it rains.

Im Christmas-ly Challenged

Well Today Aimee (X0 KanDie KiSs) Was Making Fun Of Me(BLSFreak4ever )And Makeing My Brain Hurt..suposivly im Christmas-ly Challenged

X0 KanDie KiSs: what do you want for christmas??
BLSFreak4ever: i donno why
X0 KanDie KiSs: cause!
X0 KanDie KiSs: im getting you something
BLSFreak4ever: no ur not
X0 KanDie KiSs: yeah you casey leigh darra and becca
BLSFreak4ever: i dont want anything
BLSFreak4ever: lol
X0 KanDie KiSs: lol too bad!
X0 KanDie KiSs: ur getting something
BLSFreak4ever: like what
X0 KanDie KiSs: sexret ..
BLSFreak4ever: hahaha
X0 KanDie KiSs: i wanted to have like a poliana or something
BLSFreak4ever: a what?
BLSFreak4ever: english,....
X0 KanDie KiSs: polyana
X0 KanDie KiSs: is that how u spell it?
BLSFreak4ever: i donno what ur trying to sat
X0 KanDie KiSs: lol
BLSFreak4ever: english...
X0 KanDie KiSs: ill tell u tomorrow
BLSFreak4ever: exslain what a poly-a-whata is
X0 KanDie KiSs: a POLYANA!! okay its where you liek exchange gifts
X0 KanDie KiSs: good
X0 KanDie KiSs: whoops
X0 KanDie KiSs: wrong im
BLSFreak4ever: secret santa
X0 KanDie KiSs: yeah!
X0 KanDie KiSs: but like there are differnt names fort it
X0 KanDie KiSs: lol
X0 KanDie KiSs: didn't kno you had to think so much
BLSFreak4ever: u never know
X0 KanDie KiSs: oh
BLSFreak4ever: i thought it was a sweater
BLSFreak4ever: JESUSE
X0 KanDie KiSs: *Jesus
X0 KanDie KiSs: LOL
BLSFreak4ever: same thing
X0 KanDie KiSs: a polyana?
X0 KanDie KiSs: oh okay
X0 KanDie KiSs: i will tell you on monday
X0 KanDie KiSs: chillax my friend
BLSFreak4ever: sound like A GOD DAMN SWEATER
BLSFreak4ever: lol
X0 KanDie KiSs: hahaha
X0 KanDie KiSs: make peace my brotha
BLSFreak4ever: come get u Polyana today
BLSFreak4ever: see
X0 KanDie KiSs: lol
X0 KanDie KiSs: hey it does work ill give u credit for that
X0 KanDie KiSs: but its liek an exchange gift thinger
BLSFreak4ever: thank you (takes bows)
X0 KanDie KiSs: heheh
X0 KanDie KiSs: your very welcome
BLSFreak4ever: secret santa is soo much easer
X0 KanDie KiSs: okay okay
X0 KanDie KiSs: we will have to call it that now
X0 KanDie KiSs: cause some ppl are "christmas challenged"
X0 KanDie KiSs: haha jk love you!!

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"Thats An Unequivical Sex Invite"

Swimteam Practice Was Interesting Today..... sence it was dryland practice we were in the gym, but like all the other sports were too so we had the balcony thingy....yea we jumped on trampolines,jumped rope, ran and crap but after that we had skooters and layed on them and had races while pretending to swim.....it was the last one and i was beating chris but he was a sore loser soo decied to cheat and came into my imaginary lane soo when i turned around i hit him and then he pushed me soo i pulled his skooter out from underneath of him but then he ran over my hand(WHICH HURT ALOT) but then his shirt got stuck on the wheell soo i was winning i got to the finish line and he pulled my foot back soo yeah hes suck a little cheater

You never know how you look through other people's


anyway here are pictures cuz im bored to crap
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today was interesting....Pj Came over then Mike and Will did....i got hit with basketballs,skooters,pushed into priker bushes, held upside down and dropped on my head, choaked, hit with berrys and pretzles, oh and i forget everything else

and friday i got my haircut for the cotillian, and i dont like it(ill post the pictures from that when i get them)

anywho here are pictures of my day and my new uGLy hair cut
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Here in this diary I write you visions of my summer. It was the best I ever had.There were choruses and sing alongs and that unspoken feeling of knowing that right now is all that matters. All the nights we stayed up talking listening to 80's songs, and quoting lines from all the movies that we love. It still brings a smile to my face. I guess when it comes down to it being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up. These are the best days of our lives. The only thing that matters is just following your heart and eventually you'll get it right. Breaking into hotel swimming pools and wreaking havoc on our world. Hanging out at truck stops just to pass the time. The blacktop singing me to sleep. Lighting fireworks in parking lots illuminate the blackest nights. Cherry cokes under the moonlit summer sky. 2015 Riverside, it's time to say goodbye. Get on the bus, it's time to go.